Student Spotlight: Cadbury's Chocolate

Oliver Ward & Nick Jarvie, 2nd year Design students at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand redesigned Cadbury, a New Zealand brand dark chocolate. Taking inspiration from Cadbury signage and advertising of old chocolate packagings. Read more after the jump! 


"We recently completed a Marketing Communication and Design project on brand communication. The brief required us to research and position a new Cadbury dark chocolate brand in New Zealand to replace the 'Old Gold' range. For 6 years Cadbury was the most trusted brand in New Zealand until in 2010 it fell to 36th place after widespread criticism over its use of palm oil in its products.We wanted to re-establish the trust Cadbury once had, so we went back to Cadbury’s roots to celebrate all the good about the brand. We focused on ‘Nostalgia & Authenticity’ as dominant macro trends.

Inspired by the Cadbury signage and advertising of old, our chocolate packaging looks to bring back the honesty and trust once associated with Cadburys, With a strong emphasis on a typographical layout, we looked to establish a visual style that gave Original Dark a feeling of authenticity while still keeping it modern and relevant to today’s consumer.

The package retains the current box shape of the existing Cadbury range but uses a recycled brown card stock, reminiscent of old. The lid has been redesigned, evoking tin like qualities while providing an easy reliable seal, maximizing portability.

Every flavour tells a story on the back of the package about Cadbury’s long history. Coffee tells of how John Cadbury began by selling tea and coffee in a corner store as an alternative to alcohol. Biscuit tells of how Richard Hudson started out by creating some of New Zealand’s favourite biscuits before moving into the chocolate business and producing NZ’s first chocolate block under the Cadbury name. It’s these stories, this history that it irreplaceable. These are the things no other brand can replicate. It is these elements that make Original Dark a timeless brand."

Designed by Oliver Ward & Nick Jarvie, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.