Patchwork Pate

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The brief was to create a playful and vibrant brand which leapt off the shelf with instant appeal.

Taking inspiration from Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Wood, we designed and illustrated 52 intricate pieces of packaging which when fitted together, tell the Patchwork story and reveal the Patchwork landscape. Other aspects of the project included illustrating the website, designing point of sale, promotional and internal literature, stationary, merchandise, clothing and homeware.


“ Preface have caused a revolution in our packaging. Our products now jump off the shelf, sales are up and the graphic stories on each box give everyone something to talk about. For us, it's a PR dream and we are delighted to now have a reputation as a trend setter and market leader.”

Designed by James Walker at Preface

Patchwork Pate MG 8039Patchwork Pate MG 8044Patchwork Pate MG 8045Patchwork Pate MG 8051Patchwork Pate MG 8054Patchwork Pate MG 8061Patchwork Pate MG 8080