Wood Pecker Cider

Smith and Milton did some dusting and cleaning for Bulmer's Woodpecker Cider. Using a refreshing recognizable "sweet cider red" and a woodcut illustration of the iconic woodpecker, the brand kept its well known identity while sporting a new, more striking, clean contemporary look. 


"Bulmer’s Woodpecker Cider, the distinctive sweet cider in the UK, was dramatically losing share at a time when the category was experiencing record growth.

Its low ABV, light, refreshing, easy-to-drink taste appeals to men and women but the brand and its packaging had seriously lost its way."

Solution : 

"We cut through 30 years of clutter and fluff to reveal the true iconic status of this drinks brand. 

A simple, clean and impactful design re-established the Woodpecker as the iconic hero of the brand, whilst restoring the colour red of this classic sweet cider."

Designed by Smith and Milton

Wood block illustration by Andrew Davidson