Axom 3 is the new generation of Omega 3 body supplement. The brand embrace the worlds of high tech- scientific discoveries and the rich and luxurious world of cosmetics and perfume to create this beautiful packaging for AXOM 3. As every food, drugs and dietary supplement packaging, we want to see the most important information first. Here, we have 3 boxes that showcase that information, we can pretty much get the information even if we don't know the language. See more of AXOM3 after the jump! 

"The design is based in combining two graphic diciplines in one, the first, the visual world of science and high-tech and the second the indulgent world of rich and pampering cosmetics & perfume. The dialog between these two worlds was the base concept of the design of this new innovative brand."

Designed by Assaf Cohen / Ernesto Bijovsky / BLEND IT DESIGN / Israel