One of my favorite things as a kid was playing with boxes, this diaper packaging takes it to another level:

Dashwood worked with parent company SCA to come up a compelling brand platform. “We took the idea of children creating and doing their own thing to give a sense of realness and warmth. It’s a bit messy, a bit playful and a little bit cheeky – positioning Treasures as the caring, hands-on mentor,’ says Dashwood’s Creative Director, Hamish Meikle.

The central idea was core to all the Treasures brand touchpoints. Delving into a world of fun and creativity as well as presenting a bold, yet simple information architecture, ensured Treasures broke new ground in the nappy category, created shelf standout and re-established its position as King and Queen of nappies."


Thank you to Dashwood for submitting this to us. 

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