Sixpoint Brewery


Sixpoint Brewery, a craft brewery born out of an 800-square-foot garage in Red Hook, Brooklyn, has created an innovative packaging format and style that is becoming wildly popular with wholesalers, retailers, and its customers. The company launched its “modular” four- packs of 16-ounce cans before Memorial Day weekend. Already all parts of the supply chain are raving about the designs.


More than 90% of the craft beer commercially available is sold in glass bottled 12-ounce six-packs, making it the dominant format in the industry. However, the shape, material choice, and configuration does not make for good design.

“The standard 12-ounce six-pack is poorly designed,” explained Welch. “We believe the only reason brewers continue to use this antiquated format is because it’s easy and convenient. But they must consider the inconveniences they impose on the rest of the supply chain en route to the customer, and also the customer in general.

“The cubic shape of our 16-ounce can four-pack leads to smart, efficient design that eases the burden for wholesaler, retailer, and the customer. The modular design of our four-pack is completely stackable. Contrast this with your standard six-pack, which is awkwardly shaped and cannot be stacked at all. Our modular design allows our retailers to make stable and attractive floor displays, as the cubes can easily be placed upon one another in a pyramid of inventory. "

Thank you to Nate Garn of Lefty Lexington for submitting this to us.


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