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Stance -- a new DIY vinyl toy sneaker, designed to inspire creativity and bring together two artistic subcultures. The Stance High is the first in a series of other blanks and artist/designer collections soon to come.

" We're two designers located in Boston, seeking the right sites to introduce our collection. We believe that you reach an audience that can thoroughly appreciate Stance. Not only does the packaging mimic the excitement of opening a fresh pair of kicks but it can also be utilized in the design/creative process. "

" Back in March, we were officially “KickStarted.” As a way to thank our backers we created Limited Edition Kickstarter packaging (Black Box, side with UV lamination). Our regular packaging is the natural box. Both come with custom tissue paper that has a “hidden map” of our story behind Stance. "

Thank you to Spencer Wyatt from Stance Collection for submitting this to us.PackagePackage ShoeLimited EditionPackage LE