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"Having been at the forefront of every major new development in dentistry over the past three decades- including, laminates, veneers, non-surgical facelifts and tooth whitening, Dr. Smigel sought to create a revolutionary product line that strengthened tooth enamel and improved the health of gums while safely whitening. The resulting collection couples advanced scientific formulas with intuitive usage for complete oral care."


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"Educate consumers on the science behind tooth whitening as well as the proper techniques and regimens for complete oral care.  Create an interactive and informative home not just for Supersmile products but for tooth whitening techniques, facts and queries.  To position as a resource in whitening and oral care information as well as a leader in the tooth whitening category by striking a balance of advanced scientific breakthroughs and a clean sensibility that is a friendly and information space for consumers."

Product Packaging

"The beauty of Supersmile is that it is a non- abrasive whitening product that can be used daily in place of your regular oral care routine.  Conveying that message of an all-in-one product that works for everyone can be overwhelming.  We categorized the line based on its function and then created a design language to represent that.  Silver accents denote advanced whitening, tools use different lines than toothpastes, and on-the-go products also have their own language so that a consumer can easily decipher product differences at point of purchase.  Many products in the line are also the first of their kind in the market and in this case consumer education is paramount.  Ample amounts of space, icons and text must be perfectly balanced to educate, not inundate.  The resulting line utilizes a harmonious balance of white space while employing the highest level of product transparency by displaying product ingredients.  The package was also the perfect place to highlight the creator, world-renowned “father of aesthetic dentistry,” Dr. Irwin Smigel by having him sign-off on the side of each product, subtly lending approval.  The product is topped off with the brand phrase “this is intelligent smile care” just as you open and enjoy the product."

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