Wild Turkey

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Wild Turkey 81 shows up to the party wearing brand-spankin’-new duds, in the form of the first package change to the Wild Turkey family in nearly 15 years. Designed by Sterling Brands.

The classic bottle shape remains the same, but the label gets a “badass” makeover.  It is cleaner and more aggressive than before, with the famous Wild Turkey symbol standing proud.  The label gives a stronger nod to which Wild Turkey product you are about to enjoy – 81 or 101 – and shouts out our proud Kentucky heritage like never before.  The new packaging will be featured with Wild Turkey 81, Wild Turkey Rye, and the kickass granddaddy of them all:  Wild Turkey 101.

“Even a good old boy changes his shirt every now and again,” said famed Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.


WT 81 750mLWildTurkey 81 101