Student Spotlight: Independent Remedies

Alex Lee, a student at University of Leeds in the UK explore the problem and solution for OTC (over the counter) pharmaceuticals. See his exploration of the industry as well as the design after the jump! 


"Project Intro: The Over-The-Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals market is growing, in 2009 the market was estimated to be worth £2.4 billion and growth doesn’t show signs of slowing. This is due to a number of factors, most poignantly an increasingly aging population and governmental support for patient ‘self-care’ to reduce strain on the NHS. Both of these factors coupled with a general trend towards personal self-sufficiency equate to a larger role of OTC medication in our day to day lives, especially as more prescription only medications are reclassified to pharmacy and over the-counter availability. The medicine cabinet of the future will be bigger, fuller and involve higher risks, so how can good design protect the user from harming themselves?


Why OTC Packaging? Through my own personal research, and interviews with a range of professionals across the health care service, I was able to piece together a better idea of what the most important elements of pharmaceutical packaging were, and how I could best expose users to these elements through a structured user  experience, communicated in a clear, concise, and understandable manor, accessible to all.


About Independent: Independent Remedies was created to shift focus away from the brand as is common with current OTC products, and on to the benefit and wellbeing of the user along with essential features that consumers will soon come to expect, such as a better standard of child-resistance, product recyclability, structural  rigidity and portability, and senior-friendly access."


Designed by Alex Lee, University of Leeds, UK