Briaura Artisan Foods

Branding and package design by: Funnel : The Fine Commercial Art Practice of Eric Kass

I've been following Eric's design work for a little while and have always been impressed with his finesse and exquisite attention to detail when creating brand identities and packaging. I follow him on Twitter, which is how I came across his latest work for Briaura Artisan Foods. Briaura is a new, all-natural, non-genetically modified artisan food brand developed by Brian and Laura Medlin (note the way their names are fused in the company name!) Eric was kind enough to share some beautiful photos he took of the boxes to feature here. The brand manages to be warmly gourmet, yet refreshingly modern at the same time. (Food photography on packages by Stacy Newgent.)



I enjoy the little details like the mesh at the fold area, and the fine lines extending off the unusually shaped logo enclosure.


A variation of the logo appears on the top and back of the box - it appears to include a symbol of some type of plant. I just can't tell what it is.

I'm not sure how much I like the double hairline spoons for the "tip". The spoon's shape is a little basic and the double-line effect makes me feel cross-eyed - I don't think it fits that well into the refined and restrained approach of the whole packaging.

The full range of packaging blocks nicely together on the shelf with good color differentiation and refreshing, high-key photos.