Karen's Botanicals


This high quality, handmade line of botanical body care products has a ton of personality. Projekt, Inc. brought it to life with rich textures, gritty photography, handwritten typography and stamps.

“This project started as purely as it possibly could have. We kicked it off when the owner of Karen’s Botanicals showed up with only a handful of homegrown ingredients and some beautiful cobalt blue glass bottles. That’s it. And that was awesome. Since she makes her oils, toners and creams by hand, we went straight towards an aesthetic to bring that spirit to life. Everything on the labels was meant to look as uniquely crafted as the products. The handwritten type was blurred and smudged, the background was grittified to look unprocessed, and each “stamp” was offset and placed slightly differently than the others. All to make each bottle feel like a person made it. Not a machine."

"The photography was an interesting challenge. Since stock images just wouldn’t fly and there was no budget for a shoot, we had to get scrappy. So we built a makeshift photo station, found perfectly grown samples of her ingredients and shot them ourselves. Then after we gave the shots some retouching and stylizing love, we had exactly what we needed.  Finally, we gave each product a different background color to give them their own distinct personality and help make them more identifiable to customers.  The results were as striking as the final product. Karen’s Botanicals stood out in a saturated and competitive space, its customers loved the look, and, most importantly, the sales doubled.”

Designed by: Sean Costik  Agency: Projekt, Inc.