Pacific Perfumes

Mike Peters' design for New Zealand company, Pacific Perfumes Ltd won the HBA’s International Package Design Awards (IPDA). 

"In Wellington’s Aro Valley heartland, we, the perfumers Francesca and Kate, design and create solid perfumes that capture the essence of Aotearoa and of the South Pacific. Artisan Perfumery is a special skill. The Artisan range blends botanical essences of flower, wood, fruits and resin, creating unique fragrances that evolve and transform on the wearer over time. Performing differently than fragrances of synthetic origin, they blossom on the skin and marry with your own unique scent. Over several hours each ingredient shares a moment on the wearer, capturing imagination, emotion and memory."

Never tested on animals and ingredients are all from the plant world.


Our whole-earth packaging is made from renewable and recyclable sources, making minimal impact on the environment.Each box contains a sustainable Beech push-out stand up Nikau tree (see photo).A gift enclosing your beautiful wooden pot of gorgeous perfume!

We were searching for someone to create our packaging who had untainted, unbound and unlimited passion, with a good dose of imagination thrown in. The idea of a designer with fresh ideas appealed to us and we approached the School of Design in our home city of Wellington. Receptive and excited by the idea, Tutor Tulia Moss took the concept to her packaging design class who quite simply ’ran with it’ and a fast and furious competition was launched with the brief: 100% sustainable! We were blown away by the talent and compelling concepts that were presented by these designers of the future.The resulting packaging was designed by Packaging Design student Mike Peters.

Elegant yet simple in design, our wooden pots are compact, transportable and beautiful to touch. A clever snap-to system carved in the wood keeps the lid secure. As we do not support the logging of New Zealand native timber, we searched for some time to find an eco-friendly alternative. Sustainable Beech is the perfect solution. Sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests a new tree is planted for every one that is logged."

Designed by Mike Peters