Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winners

The 2011 Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winners have been announce at the first annual The Dieline Package Design Conference. Check them out below!

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“Vara” the fictional, premium shampoo presented to participants in the Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest, was suggested as a brand for a modern businesswoman (28-45) who knows that perfect hair is the most important part of an ensemble that allows her to conquer the commute, the office and whatever other challenges present themselves. The brand would include a patented blend of exotic fruit and plant extracts to rebuild hair against the day-to-day damage that can rob it of its vitality. The brand's premium positioning ($25 for 16 oz bottle), would need to be reinforced with bold graphics and simple type that communicates the use and value of its contents. Christopher Loke of Pixology Design in Orem Utah created a design that categorized all the moments and challenges that the modern woman faces through emotion. His designs ask the user to imagine their hair “in love” or” happy” or “alive” with each emotion representing a different formula. The labels and retail graphic feature a different model with glorious hair to reflect each emotion and unique formula. Typography is bold and clear, and a primary color palette is used for each formula.

Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Shampoo Category Label Christopher Loke Pixology DesignsAvery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Shampoo Category Retail Graphics Christopher Loke Pixology Designs




For the Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest, Avery Dennison presented a brand story to suggest that the “Eos” fictional coffee brand would represent the sensibilities of an enlightened, modern international food company – even its name (the Greek goddess of dawn) would suggest a new beginning. Intended for the discerning coffee drinker, 24-40, HOI: $75k+, Eos packaging would feature exotic roasts, and highlight that it would be grown organically, distributed via fair trade and sold in packaging meant to reduce its carbon footprint, Eos packaging and retail graphics would feature simple design elements letting the consumer know that the brand stands out for its flavor, not for fancy packaging. Mark Roos of Contrast Studio, Inc. in Capetown South Africa created packaging and retail graphics centered on an exotic wave. The design depicts a liquid coffee splash that signifies a colorful life, rich with expectation. The top of the pack represents morning and is designed to evoke a new day that draws the coffee drinker in and reinforces the potential of a full day ahead. The different flavor icons are exotic and exciting combinations that are easy to interpret and identify on the shelf.

Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Coffee Category Label Yve Oosthuizen Contrast Studio Inc


Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Coffee Category Retail Graphics Yve Oosthuizen Contrast Studio Inc

Wine + Spirits

Life is a stream of forthcoming memories: an anticipated first date, an anniversary dinner, a celebration of friends together. And many of these memories are built around that most communal of places — the dining table, where the food, the fellowship and a great bottle of wine come together. The fictional wine brand that Avery Dennison created for this contest, “Mòment” was to be presented as part of the moment. Priced at $32, the wine itself would be distinguished by subtle notes and earthy tones that wouldn’t overtake the conversation, but move it along. Mòment would be the perfect choice of the wine enthusiast—eager to order a bottle for the table—who does not fancy himself a wine expert. Mòment would stand apart on the shelf for the elegance and shape of its label that hints at the tasting experience it will deliver and the memories it will be a part of. The label would respect and protect the very earth that nurtures the grapes…that become the wine…that becomes the moment. Louise Besseling of Tan Branding in Utrecht the Netherlands designed a label that represents an elegant hour glass shape using transparent sticker screen printed in Silver Pantone. As the bottle is tilted horizontally, it creates a visual effect as the wine flows through the hour glass shape—just as sand would pass through the hour glass. A still graphic design becomes part of the experience as the customer pours the wine, which emphasizes the value of the moment. As long as there is wine in the bottle, there is still time to enjoy… In-store graphics feature a large die-cut sticker near where Mòment is situated.

Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Wine Category Label and Retail Graphics Louise Besseling Tan Branding


Salad Dressing

The dinner table is a place for shared family experiences, where healthy meals are served. For the fictional brand “Garden Variety” presented to participants in The Avery Dennison Brand  Experience Contest, Avery Dennison suggested that this new family of dressings would deliver the selection and flavor to appeal to any taste at prices most families can afford. From HomeStyle Ranch with real Buttermilk to Zesty Italian with 27 herbs and spices, Garden Variety would be the healthy, tasty complement to the family dinner table. Priced at $3.25 for a 16 oz bottle, the brand would be easily recognized on the shelf by its lively graphics depicting fresh ingredients, verdant farms and bowls of lush salad greens. Steve Rischmiller of The Saltmine in Sydney Australia represented a world of flavor behind a closed garden gate. The design enables rustic cues and suggests variety through the use of color and iconic imagery that depict the provenance of each flavor.

Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Salad Dressing Category Retail Graphics Steve Rischmiller The Saltmine


Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Salad Dressing Category Label Steve Rischmiller The Saltmine


Kid’s Juice

Every hour of every day, parents are faced with decisions that affect the health and well being of their children. So, the brand story for the kid’s juice category and the fictional brand “Puritee” that Avery Dennison provided for participants in the Brand Experience Contest recommended that selection should be easy. In addition, the juice would be made with fresh, organic apples, pears and grapes, making the preservation of taste and nutrients the top priority. No sugar or preservatives would be added. The essence of the brand would be captured in bold, easily identifiable graphics that help parents make the easy choice for their children by emphasizing the fresh flavor and healthful purity in every sip. Stuart Robson of The Saltmine in Sydney Australia created packaging label and retail graphics to emphasize the brand attributes. The whimsical illustration appeals to kids and the product features that are important to parents—organic and no added sugar or preservatives—are highlighted in fun, clearly presented type. The retail graphics offer a fun, hands-on experience for kids to engage them in the product. The “whiteboard” idea includes a die-cut poster printed on heavy-weight stock and mounted to a thick board with a fine plastic film coating. Velcro tabs attach the whiteboard marker and eraser to the board.

Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Juice Category Label Stuart Robson The Saltmine

Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winner Juice Category Retail Graphics Stuart Robson The Saltmine