LOVE for Johnnie Walker

Inspired by the blue and white porceline, Love, a Manchester based firm created this special edition design for Johnnie Walker House opening in Shanghai. 

"For the people that love whiskey comes these limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles that were produced by Manchester-based firm LOVE for a new Johnnie Walker House that is set to open in Shanghai.  LOVE not only created the blue and white porcelain inspired bottle, but also helped develpop and design the Johnnie Walker House with interior designers, Asylum, to create a asian presence for the whiskey brand.  The bottles are limited to 1000 and will be exclusive to the Johnnie Walker House"


"Launched in Shanghai in May 2011, Johnnie Walker House is an embassy for whisky culture that involves, educates and inspires its influential guests. 

The whisky drinker discovers complex layers and nuances over time, and so Johnnie Walker House mirrors this organic journey of discovery for its guests. From the peat and barley walls to the precise 24° angle of the flooring, each detail reflects some element of the whisky story. Provenance, the blender’s art, and the vibrant Johnnie Walker story are woven into the very fabric of the space, creating a rich, immersive experience."

Designed by Love Creative, Manchester