The Dieline Awards 2011: Third Place - Vodafone

AWARDS11 8 3 Vodafone

Entrant: The Partners

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Electronics, Technology, Movies + CDs

Description: Vodafone is the world’s leading telecommunications company, with over 330 million customers across 22 countries, including affiliates such as Verizon in the United States. Each operating country is able to share global design assets but can also opt out and create their own. A simple pattern range had been the previous global solution for packaging, but was being ignored by the markets resulting in duplication of effort, inconsistency and of course massive waste. 


Each pack design focuses on the products ‘unique selling point’ (USP) and uses creative and emotional metaphors to promote the benefit, shown through creative splashes, busy bees, sociable shoals and protective feathers interacting with the devices. Each pack makes the product ‘the hero,’ with its own recognisable look creating a more engaging customer experience. The first 25 packs are currently being implemented worldwide, early indications are that the new look has increased desire and orders, resulting in potential huge cost and environmental savings.

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