The Dieline Awards 2011: Third Place - Fresh & Easy Kid's Cereal

AWARDS11 2 3 FreshEasy

Entrant: Pemberton + Whitefoord

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Food B

Description: Kids love cereal. Kids love cartoon characters. No problem there. But the American cereal market (like the UK) is saturated with familiar brands, each one with its own unique character for kids to latch on to. So how could Fresh & Easy tempt brand-loyal customers to try their own-brand option?

We transformed the boxes into individual characters, each one about to guzzle back a bowl of their favourite cereal! Their bold, graphic style is unique to the market and stands apart from the more visually cluttered branded competitors. The character-based theme and illustrative style was continued on the back panel with games and puzzles to entertain younger kids at breakfast time.


AWARDS11 2 3 FreshEasy2

AWARDS11 2 3 FreshEasy3