The Dieline Awards 2011: Second Place - Waitrose Regional Pizzas

AWARDS11 3 2 Waitrose

Entrant: Turner Duckworth: London & San Francisco

Country: USA

Category: Food A

Description: Italian food is famous for simple combinations and fresh ingredients and what is considered more ‘Italian’ than pizza?  We were asked by Waitrose to redesign their top-tier pizza range, redeveloped for launch in 2010 using regional ingredients and traditional combinations sourced from and inspired by five Italian regions. The design solution uses still-life photography in conjunction with evocative pack copy, to hero the authenticity and provenance of the key ingredients sourced for each pizza.  Set against a muted colour palette and pizza slice shaped window, developed specifically, the final design re-enforces the range’s top-tier credentials as well as a slice of true Italy!


AWARDS11 3 2 Waitrose1AWARDS11 3 2 Waitrose2AWARDS11 3 2 Waitrose3