The Dieline Awards 2011: First Place - Steve's Leaves

AWARDS11 3 1 Steves1

Entrant: Big Fish Design Limited

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Food A

Description: We were asked to create a brand for Britain’s finest salad growers. We found a man in the company who had a degree in watercress. His name was Steve Rothwell. He was clearly the mastermind behind their delicious, tender baby leaves so we suggested naming the brand “Steve’s Leaves”. They loved it. At the time, the salad fixture in supermarkets was one big impenetrable green hedge-like wall where everything looked the same. We seized the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and depicted Steve’s hand picking the leaves on the front with bright colours that reflected the intense flavours of these naturally delicious little leaves. We made the bags "one serve" portion size, which allowed people to mix and match varieties instead of just buying one big bag.


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