Design Bridge has developed the name, design and branding of Oggu, the world's first natural 100% natural and organic sparkling soft drinks. Check it out below.


From Claire Parker, Creative Director at Design Bridge

"When a Dutch entrepreneur came to us to name, design and launch the world’s very first 100% natural and organic sparkling soft drinks we were intrigued to say the least.
To claim ‘organic’ a product only has to be 95% organic - they demanded nothing less than 100%. Not only that, they had to be delicious too. It quickly became apparent that it isn’t just about the fact that this is 100% organic product. It is a brand who truly are doing things differently – challenging and surprising the category and consumers;
- An indulgence and yet 100% organic and pure
- Slightly unconventional, but still lives in the mainstream
- Popular soft drinks, yet with a European heritage and a story
And so ‘Oggu’ was born. The name is an abstraction from the duality of ‘Organic’ and ‘Gusto’ (Italian for ‘taste’). Born straight out of the positioning of ‘For the Love of Delicious Purity’.
The design uses bold, playful, and direct statements about the brand, and are brought to life using different typefaces and languages to reflect the rich, ecclectic European heritage and qualities of the brand and product. As the marketing budget was minimal the packs had towork very hard – the on-pack messages contiunually changes and swaps to keep the brand fresh. We like to think of the labels almost like T-shirt designs – full of attitude and swagger."


Designed by Design Bridge