Student Spotlight: The Reel Catch

There is something fishy going on. The Reel Catch brings a little design flare into seafood buying. We love the simple, clean typography and the addition of the dark graphic on the parchment paper. 

"A personal brief to design the identity for a product/produce of my choice. I chose to produce the identity for a Fishmongers. 

The name, which I came up with, is 'The Reel Catch.' I created the companies manifesto which focuses on sustainability but also trying to make the packaging look as original and as high quality as I could. I aimed to produce an identity and packaging that would showcase the produce as being from a sustainable source. The imagery comes from paper cuts of fish shapes/parts that aim to communicate a clean, simple design aesthetic when combined with the typography and materials used. "

Designed by Jesse Harris, Edinburgh College of Art, UK