Student Spotlight: First Aid Kit

Tobias Eriksson, a design student from Sweden designed this incredible First Aid Kit as a part of his class. The design emphasize on clean typography, simple and clear iconography and the structure of the package for compartmentalizing each item. Check it out after the jump! 


"The assignment was to create a First Aid kit for general purposes. The design is made with simplicity in mind, but also seen from a ecological point of view since it's all made out of paper. When someone gets hurt, it should be easy to find what you need to help them. With this First Aid kit, there’s only one way to open it, and everything is structured so it’s easy to see what you need from seeing the pictograms and the information text printed on the lid. Also, the sleeves are not detachable from the box itself, so all you need to do is pull until you can't pull any further"

Designed by Tobias Eriksson, Sweden