Student Spotlight: Intersport

Bernt Henrik Kommedal, a student at Denmarks school of media and journalism created this beautiful logotype, display typeface as well as a packaging, hangtag system for Intersport. See more after the jump! 

"I wanted to take Intersports old identity and packaging and modernize it with out loosing integrity. When an athlete progresses and his skills improves he expects more from the sports gear he uses, and the better gear he has the more he comes to expect from himself as an athlete. This is where Intersport enters the picture: to supply the perfect sports gear so that the athlete can embark on this never-ending challenge, this never-ending circle if you will, of becoming a better, healthier, faster and stronger athlete. By including Intersport to the never-ending circle it brings intersport to the same level as the athlete. Making them feel that Intersport is every step of the way, to help them reach their max potential. Reach 100% and go further"

Designed by Bernt Jenrik Kommedal, Denmark