Student Spotlight: Pluto Skin Care by Bang & Olufsen


" The assignment is to conceptualize a skin care line for an existing brand that is currently not on the skin care market. Students are expected to understand the company philosophy, target audience, and overall brand aesthetics. The deliverables include seven skin care items and a point-of-purchase display. During the research, I discovered that people who purchase Bang & Olufsen products seldom seek for merely its technical quality, but also the design, user interaction and emotional appeal. Pluto skin care is targeted exclusively towards the high-income sector and design-savvy men that are 40 years old and above."


" The skin care line aims to deliver mostly everything a man could ever desire: character, charisma, and class. Inspired by Bang & Olufsen’s distinctive minimal aesthetics, the products rely upon basic geometric shapes to perform their function. "

Thank you to Karen Liong for submitting this project to us.

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