Student Spotlight: Boursaul

"Boursault® (pronounced Boor-soh) is a unique, soft ripened, triple -cream cheese, produced in the Loire Valley of France. Named in the 1950's after its inventor Henri Boursault, it is still one of the most popular triple-creams today, due to its ultra creamy texture, and rich flavors." 


"For this project, students were to choose a brand of brie cheese that they felt needed to be redesigned. I chose Boursault because I felt that the brand logo and packaging was dated and was ill-fitted for such a unique cheese, rich in history. 

My design objective was to not only highlight the french aspects of the brand but to also reflect on tradition while applying a vintage, yet contemporary look and feel. Additionally, there was a strong sense to maintain brand equity due to the popularity of the brand.

Designed by Samantha Szakolczay who is student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.