Coffee Concepts


Two concepts, one agency.  Check out these great projects designed by Quantum Graphics after the break, and share your comments on which design you think works best.

"Both designs  were  especially created by Quantum Graphics to present agency at the Interpack 2011 Exhibition (as a part of Pan-European Branding and Design association - PDA). The die-line was provided by German package manufacturer STI.  The set of packages includes 3 items: coffee aroma pack, dispencer for coffee-pods, paper bag to carry 3 coffee cups."

Concept 1

"Awakening of senses - is the main motif of the first concept. We tell a little story of the beautiful girl character with the help of an interactive hook: when the package is closed the girl is “asleep” and her eyes are closed. But as soon as one opens the package, the girl «wakes up», attracted by the wonderful coffee aroma.

The main “hero» of the dispencer for coffee pads is an «inspired» coffee cup with wings. The cup is placed around the die-cut window making play of the contents and of the form."






Concept 2

"Our coffee will fill you with inspiration 24 hours 7 days a week" – the second design concept introduces amusing characters, whose thoughts, actions and words are related with coffee.  The number of characters is 7, by the number of the days.

Expressive hand drawing technique and minimalism in colors give a natural and simple look to the packages, make them friendly to potential consumer."