Before & After: 10 Cane Goes Square


10 Cane Rum has recently redesigned their iconic, and award winning packaging, and I am not exactly sure how I feel about it. Check it out below, and share your thoughts on the new look.

The original iconic design was created by Werner Design Werks, and even featured in our first book: Box, Bottle, Bag, the World's Best Package Designs by The Dieline.

According to Eater AZ:

"They starting with a beefed up new recipe. After their usual distillation of pure sugar cane juice, 10 Cane rum will now be enhanced with the addition of extra-old rum, making the regular stuff taste a little deeper, more complex, and, well, better than it already did. Because the new bottle will hold a better product, they also decided to design a better bottle. Something as simple as making the bottle square, rather than rectangular like it was, will now solve a slew of apparent issues. A square bottle is greener—it uses less glass and allows for more bottles per case, meaning better use of printed ink. More bottles to a case also means more efficient shipping. And more efficient shipping means more rum for people like us."

Now that the bottle is square, does it the old design translate to the new bottle shape? Im not sure how I feel about it. You?

Share your thoughts below.


Old Design: