Before & After: Fizzy Lizzy

Fizzy Lizzy, the natural fruit beverage brand, gets a total brand makeover by JJAAKK (the new studio of uuber talented, Jesse Kirsh, previously featured here on The Dieline). The logo no longer features a mascot (a stand-in for "Lizzy"), and instead focuses on the name, which is fun to say and memorable (who can forget a name with four Z's in it?)

A statement from Jesse: "While the old label was beautiful, it was a bit too busy and illustrative and they saw their sales dropping. I was contacted to come up with a clean, simple and smart design that would still be fun and maintain the essence of the brand. "Lizzy" from the label was dropped and substituted with a small illustration of fruit to help further define the flavor. This is the 5th redesign in the company's 10 year history. "

The text is puchier and easier to read this time around, and the Art Nouveau-style typography was replaced by simpler, cleaner typography. The bottles feature simple fruit icons (absent on the earlier version), which aid in flavor differentiation. A stream of floating bubbles play on the "fizzy" part of the name, while playfully interacting with the two i's.

I'm not sure about the inclusion of "Award Winning" on the neck. It's a somewhat insecure move to flaunt that term on a package. Besides, it would have been more beneficial to be up-front regarding which award(s) were won and why that should convice the consumer to buy the beverage. It's quite possible we'd see which award is being reference on the back panel copy, though. (I don't have an actual bottle in front of me.)

Check out the beautiful images below.

Previous Packaging: