Milchring Collecting Box

One man's trash is another man's treasure. A community of artists collect Milk/ Beverage packaging seals and create artwork/ accessories out of them. Gerlinde Gruber at kopfloch designed this beatiful structural box as a collector for those who want to send their unwanted seals to Milchring. More after the jump.


"It's all about the plastic seals of milk containers. Milchring manufactures its artworks out of it. The whole idea relies on the community - these people who collecting seals. This new box was designed to make collecting more attractive. It's possible to store and send it flat, easy to fold up - without adhesion. It can be used upright or hanging. The rolling creases are reminiscent of the seal's shape. This interesting and eye-catching box has a capacity for 70 pieces." 

Designed by Gerlinde Gruber at Kopfloch, Austria