CO Design Agents collaborated with agency The Great Society to re-brand and package Sartori, a line of artisan Wisconsin cheeses. Founded in 1939 by Paolo Sartori, the brand is still owned and operated by the Sartori family.



"Sartori is a premium cheese brand rooted in Italian-American culture, a culture which carries different visual cues than its European counterparts. CO created a visual language steeped in this history, bringing depth and context to the brand. Three distinct lines define Sartori

The labeling for Sartori Reserve is designed to convey the richness of this premium aged cheese.  The patterned label for each cheese family has a unique color break to differentiate between family members. The richness of these eye-catching labels is augmented by colorful foil taping which wraps around the cheese wheel.

The high-end line, which CO named Paolo Sartori Limited Edition, is comprised of three small-batch varietals which use premium ingredients and a longer aging process.  A classic black and white label, signed and numbered by the master cheesemaker, identifies each wheel. Paolo Sartori's portrait (illustrated by Howell Golson) acts as a watermark.

Sartori's workhorse line of younger cheeses and grated products is simply called Sartori. The packaging expresses the branding in a simple and clean fashion, utilizing bold colors.

The Sartori Brand copy, crafted by Palmer Pettersen and Randall Schoonover,  has a distinctive, sophisticated voice both literary and culinary. The tone is cheese lover to cheese lover, rather than company to consumer, communicating a shared appreciation of craft, flavor and the finer things in life."