Naturally Cool Kids


Cool packaging for Naturally Cool Kids: "Yorkshire design agency The Bigger Boat, has recently helped launch a new range of natural skincare products called Naturally Cool Kids. Bright and colourful, the eye-catching packaging features a character called NiCK and is designed to stand out against other natural and organic skincare ranges." Check it out after the jump.



"The Naturally Cool Kids product range is a completely natural collection of summer skin protection and winter soothers. All of the products have been innovatively designed to help make parents lives easier by being quick to apply, easy to use and mess-free. The Bigger Boat created a look that would mirror this quick, easy and fun messaging with a bright colour palette, skateboard inspired typography and graphics and more engaging product names and directions.
As well as creating the brand and packaging, The Bigger Boat has also developed the Naturally Cool Kids website and all other marketing material.
Creative Director at The Bigger Boat, Doug Main explains: “The Naturally Cool Kids brand is all about being an antidote to the 'run of the mill' range of skincare for kids. Instead of using clinical, green and white graphics that most parents and children don’t like, we have created an identity for Naturally Cool Kids that really will appeal to consumers. Bright colours, playful messages and a cute character really engage with children so they will want to use the products themselves, but also create a trustworthy identity that parents can feel comfortable with and be happy to buy for their children.” "
Designed by The Bigger Boat