Very cool packaging for a kids book and toy in one: "Action! Adventure! Appetite! Cleverly nestled within the colorful outer cardboard box, are found all the pieces needed to assemble your very own ROBOX, along with a 32-page fully-illustrated picture book and two sticker sheets which allow the reader to customize their ROBOX. "

"The book, written and illustrated by Mark Rogalski, tells the tale of Renny, a young boy tired of going through life being chased, picked on and forced to eat his "grussled sprouts". He decides to build himself a big robot with an even bigger appetite. Renny thinks his ROBOX can just gobble up all his problems, until his ROBOX actually becomes his biggest problem."


"The kit, which was also designed by Mark Rogalski, was made with the idea of the packaging becoming part of the product. The outer box turns into ROBOX’s torso, and the arms, legs and head (all of which are made of cardboard) are then added by means of bright yellow plastic connector pieces. The end result means that the product, the robot, becomes larger than the package it came in. When fully assembled, the blocky, bright red ROBOX stands over 16 inches tall. His arms and legs are posable and his head lifts, so readers can feed him themselves. There is also a clear plastic window in ROBOX’s belly (which features prominently in the story) allowing you to view whatever he has eaten (favorite items include gum balls and photographs)."
Designed by Mark Rogalski