Omojo Health USA


Check out this clean, fresh, and fun packaging for Omojo Health USA by Pivotlab.




We worked with Omojo to develop six new product configurations along with new 19 packages, new positioning, etc. It was a strategy that would not only dominate the new category of Beauty from Within but raise the bar far beyond the near-term reach of any competitor. We helped them create a “30-day Beauty Kits” which paired supplement with serums to meet six unique consumer demands. The identity and packaging were designed to create an experience that demonstrated Omojo’s superior products, progressive solution, and impossible to replicate commitment to quality.


After the strategy was in place the design challenge was not as overwhelming. Pure beauty health and cellular precision. We wanted to create a clean, sophisticated packaging system that conveyed trust, authenticity and pure beauty marine health while still creating a sense of curiosity and naturally organic. The clean lines and shape of the box and lid conveyed the technical authenticity and a scientific trust. To evoke organic nature and pure beauty health we used a color and imagery system at a basic oceanic level by use of the bright colorful coral and seaweed. At the strategy level we explored the interaction and experience when handling the package. From the use of dull and gloss varnishes and the dramatic floods on the inside of each package, the experience started at first sight and touch. The products more unique feature is the use of both a topical and the supplement at the same time, creating a health approach from the inside and out. We expressed this from the simple use of the main black and white colors to the unique die-cut of the lid, showing not only what was on the surface but revealing what lies beneath."

Designed by Pivot Lab