Student Spotlight: Superfacial



"We had to develop the identity and packaging of a line of products for Superfacial, a brand of skin care products. Superfacial's products are 100% organic, highly effective and can be used by both women and men. The brand wants to be conceived as honest, accesible, natural, unisex, premium and almost clinical."

"- Color: One of the most important concepts held in the Brief was that the products are unisex, therefore, I decided to use only black & white in order to communicate neutrality in this matter.

- Typography: For the logo and baseline, I wanted to bring back something from the vintage pharmacy labels without loosing elegance in the pack. This is why I decided to use a serif typography but still very simple and contemporary. The second typographical choice I made was that of the Federa Sans for the description of the products. I wanted a sans serif type taking into account that some of the packs are very small, therefore, legibility is critical. And last (but not least), the P22 Cezanne gave the pack this handmade look that conceptually reinforces the fact that the products are natural and the honesty of the brand."

Designer: Sebastián Castro

Country: Colombia