Student Spotlight: Pincoy, Chilean Carica fruits

"This was a project where we had integrate a foreign food into the Canadian Market. I was given chile, and branded a company named Pincoy that processes the Chilean Carica fruits."

"Pincoy is the male water spirit of the seas in chile mythology.

For our packaging, we want the fruit to be displayed in an elegant simplistic way, as it does not require need to be stored in a refrigerator, but displayed on someone’s counter. We achieved that by having simple imagery of the fruit throughout the label, with simple text in a crest. Our labels are printing with vegetable based inks that are formulated with organic materials; its still a renewable resource and significantly reduces the amount of VOC released into the air during press. Water contained in the jar is considered some of the purest in the world. Chile’s water sanitation is characterized as good service quality compared to other countries. What sets Chile water sanitation apart is the fact that all water companies are privately owned and go thru vigorous inspection by the SISS.

Attached to the label is a tear-able piece of paper with a QR code. When scanned by cellular device prompts you to our mobile site hub. From here you can access our various recipes using the Carica, sign up for contest via email entry, which leads to a mailing list that we will use when advertising anything Pincoy related. Alongside that we will use rapidly growing social media outlets such as Facebook which averages 175 million users per day, Youtube & Twitter to host contest such as viral fan videos."

Designed by Earvin Fanfair, 2nd Year, Durham College Located in Oshawa Ontario