VB Raw


"VB Raw is a new uncompromising beer with an irrelevant attitude younger and emerging low-carb beer market. Maud completed the successful launch of the brand naming, identity and art direction and implementation across all aspects of the brand including logo, packaging, photography and styleguides."

Loving the brand book and special 6 pack, check it all out below!

Designed by Hampus Jageland whilst at Maud.


Special 6 Pack:

"VB Raw wanted a special 6 pack to send out to bloggers, key influencers and random hipsters to build a conversation within the surf/fashion/music community. We conceived and designed a limited edition taste sampler carton for the brand launch which uses the idea of inverted branding."02_26_11_raw5.jpg02_26_11_raw6.jpg

Brand Guidelines:

"As part of the branding of VB Raw we were asked to create some kind of brand guidelines. It was to hold all information needed to successfully maintain the core graphics and design of the brand. It also needed to hold information about the sub brand ‘Fresh From’ as well as have some kind of quick-reference-guide of some kind.

The VB Raw brand book was designed with an editorial feel to inspire its users beyond the function of a style-guide. To do this we commissioned photographer and part owner of Monster Children gallery, itself at the heart of the target audience, Chris Searl to create imagery that reinforced the brand."