Student Spotlight: Sato Bon

Sato Bon is a student at the Portfolio Center for Art Direction and Design. Check out some of her work after the jump! 

"Aveda Pure Nature Because Aveda hair and body care products are made with 100% natural ingredients, the packaging that was created makes ample use of bamboo which is itself natural, sustainable, and completely recyclable. This product line cater  to high end consumers wanting completely pure, sustainable, and organic professional haircare line.  Aveda Pure nature is an organic health and lifestyle line.

Jelly Belly The redesign of the Jelly Belly packaging is intended to be more elegant and to emphasize its unique status as a gourmet candy. The packaging is completely sustainable using emerging 
technology in plastics that are made from bacteria that breaks down waste into plastics.
OGO water packaging for kids OGO water for kids is a brand extension of the OGO oxygen water brand. Each bottle has an illustration of an amazon animal to teach children about animals from the amazon and their habitat in the rainforest. The entire package is made from bamboo plastic which is 100% biodegradable, chemical, and dye free. The shape of the bottle is ergonomically suitable to fit into a child's hand while the cap is spill proof. The
stickers tattoos of the animals are removable, allowing kids to interact and play with the product.
Barella Perfume Bottle Barella is a fragrance for which I created the concept and brand identity for. It is a parfum for the strong and sophisticated woman.The bottle design is intended to be dynamic and flowing; a fusion of both the male and female form. This is intended to convey the idea of a dynamic woman who can adapt to any circumstance and overcome any obstacle. The applicator is made from wood to symbolize growth."
Designed by Sato Bon, student Portfolio Center