Twofish Baking Company: Granolas

Twofish Baking Company's Granolas packaging is breath taking. Layered with two beautifully laid out boxes. The outer box is die cut in places to reveal informations, photos, and illustrations on the internal layer, which is then die cut to reveal the product. The designers also played with the finishes of the paper to create more contrast. Check it out!


"As part of CDA's brand development and design work for Twofish Baking Company, we recently completed work on the packaging design for their line of granolas. The modular packaging features a flavor-specific insert that customizes the box, to call out the attributes unique to each of the two inaugural blends. The insert also serves as a visual essay of the bakery's vibe — a rollicking, quirky, fun atmosphere where all are welcomed. To complete the California/Sonoma county/Pacific coast experience, the outer box for the granola was printed on 100% post-consumer, FSC and green-seal certified premium uncoated paperboard, the first of its kind made with 100% renewable energy and carbon neutral plus. As natural as the food that comes from Twofish's kitchen."

Designed by Chen Design, San Francisco