Student Spotlight: Sergey Grigoryan

Check out these three amazing projects of Sergey Grigoryan, a student from Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS


One: Mayabi Sake

"Mayabi is a Sake brewery founded on traditional Japanese practices. This product line includes premium Sakes, a Tare sauce which includes the premium Sake, as well other spices and Wasabi.

Every piece of packaging in this line is frosted on the upper portion at a golden 1:1.6 ratio. The higher end products like the Sake and Tare Sauce also include a pattern in the frosted section to distinguish the premium quality. Bamboo is used to give the products a small batch or hand made feel."

Two: Pigeon Men's Care

"Pigeon is a mens care line for the purist guy who take pride in in taking care of himself. The flagship pieces of this line are the shaving accessories, from the straight edge razor to the shave soap and brush. These products reflect a classic feel with a modern touch."

Three: Vitale Dog Food

"Vitale was a pet food packaging project. I designed a line of dog food for the animal lover who wants to feed there dog quality and nutritious natural food. The whole line features the ingredients on the front with a characterized dog that personifies the pet as mans best friend. Butcher paper is also used to give the product a handmade feel."

Designed by Sergey Grigoryan