Great Western Brewing: Original 16

CHEERS! Great Western Brewing Company pays tribute to the original 16 founders with a premium Canadium Pale Ale. See more after the jump. 




"Great Western Brewing Company, from Saskatoon, Canada, enlisted St. Bernadine to develop a new, premium Canadian Pale Ale for the domestic market. The brewery was founded in 1989 by 16 employees, who fought to save their jobs when a merger between Carling and Molson threatened to close the plant. They bought the brewery, and went on to win many international awards for their beer. Twenty-five years later, this new beer is a tribute to the original 16 founders of Great Western Brewing Company, and the spirit, passion and dedication they have brought to brewing the best beer possible."

"Premium cues include refined typography, ample white space, and silver metallics with gold accents. Initial market reception is extremely favourable."

Designed by St.Bernadine