Oop Loser: Blossoms Bloom Again


Oop Loser , A set of Vinyl figures from COARSE. " The radiant twins come housed in cuddly sponge in their solid oop container. This essential transit case is crafted from matt-coated white card with silver foil, it includes CO² vents for breathing and a semitransparent carry handle. The comfy duo are waiting to be taken home to their new bedding and raised up. "


"Each oop container houses two cells, at the height of infancy [OOcyte Phase]. Each specimen is lab reared by coarselife in imagination ducts deep underground. Monitor the evolution of the two oop* closely while they shift to noop [NOxious Organic Phase]. Due to accelerated life span, embryos undergo erratic muscle gain and frenzied energy spurts. Carefully raise these clone cuttings and they will ensure a happy harvest."