Genentech Brochure

This smart promotional package for Genentech Medical Affair Group is smart, informative and definitely eye catching. Read more to see what we are talking about!

 "The Genentech Medical Affairs Group (gMed) is an organization within the commercial division of Genentech, a biotechnology company with more than 30 years experience using human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. gMed is tasked with understanding Genentech’s line of products to make sure that the therapies are being used as intended and that they are delivering the most benefit to patients. gMed is commonly described as the ‘bridge’ between drug development and clinical practice.


gMed was a newly formed entity within Genentech, developed after a recent merger with the pharmaceutical company Roche. As a novel division in this newly formed company, gMed was looking for a creative way to introduce and broaden the understanding of their role in the drug manufacturing, testing and distribution process.


To create a memorable piece, Pereira & O’Dell created an oversize version of the familiar pill packaging. The visual created a sense of mystery that prompts the recipient to want to see what was inside. Once opened, a brochure in the shape of a pill could be pulled out. Inside, information stating gMed’s mission and benefits was laid out as you would see in typical supplemental information for medications. Headers included: Benefits, How it Works, Chemistry, Indication and Ingredients."

Designed by Pereirodell

Patricia Ebner, design director

Rai Favacho, design director

Matt Courtney, designer

Marc Einhorn, writer

Ross Cavin, writer

PJ Pereira, chief creative officer

Justin Cox, Sr Strategic Planner

Tammy Ryan, Print Producer

Creighton Fung, Studio Manager

Gary Theut, Account Director

Jen McConville, Account Executive