Zuivelrijck Biologic Coffee Creamer


"Brandnew Design faced the challenge of creating a total new product range wich consists of: cups, a dispenser for the cups , cartons and secondary packaging.  Zuivelrijck is a range of biologic coffee creamer for the consumer market and the out of home market. "



"The design tells us the story of the fictional “Zuivelrijck”,  a place with a typical dutch look and feel... The aerial point of view shows you the famous black and white cows grazing on a almost abstract mondriaan styled landscape. Details include a herron standing near the water line and a pair of ducks. The predominantly green packs guaranty lots of shelf standout.

Each range extension will show different corners or seasons in Zuivelrijck. Some of these can be seen in the design sketches for biologic, strawberry milk. For example, the chocolate milk features a ploughed meadow to bring in the appropriate brown color coding.

The individual creamer cups also show 10 different landscape settings and details." 

Designed by Brandnew Design