Self Promotion: Fresh Color Coffee Screen Printed

When it comes to creating a promotional piece, Graphic Designers are their own toughest client. Check out Bejamin Dooling's unique self promotion after the jump. 







"Designed and screen printed on 16oz Kraft Paper Stand-up Pouches and 5lb Gusseted Bags filled with locally roasted coffee, with a message aimed at specific target audiences emphasizing on the skill set of typography, packaging and hands on creativity.

The design allows for placement of a "date roasted" area by using a traditional 
alphanumeric stamp giving a very custom and authentic effect on a carefully crafted bag.

Word play and large type throughout the packaging to reinforce portfolio and website 
theme of FreshColor (recently moved to

Inside the bag contains a small card reading "lets talk over a cup of coffee".

Fonts used: The almighty straight forward and non-negotiable Gotham 
and the clean versatile slab serif Soho."

Designed by Benjamin Dooling