Studio Spotlight: Charles S. Anderson Design Co.

Here's a selection of some recent packaging favorites by Minneapolis-based Charles S. Anderson Design Co. See lots more after the jump.

Brand X Liquor Package:

"Brand X is an innovative liquor packaging program developed by CSA Design as a licensed distillery brand concept. Brand X uses a clear, custom-designed flat decanter with a classic bottle silhouette as a blank canvas for never-ending, bottle-related visual puns. Each of the design motifs is treated as a humorous sub-brand.

This Pop Art approach to packaging is unique to CSA Design. We take a broad overview of a product category and approach it in a fresh new way, viewing the package as a surface to showcase an unlimited series of artwork from CSA Images. This provides a continuously new face for the product as well as an infinite number of package variations to fill the constantly hungry online blog-o-sphere."

El Paso Chile Co. Cocktail Shakers Packaging:
"El Paso Chile Co. is well known for their boutique brands of salsas and marinades. They also have some of the best margarita and cocktail juice blends available on the market. With CSA's help in packaging, they invented a novel way to bring their cocktail flavors to a wider audience by selling glass martini shakers that contain the mixings for finished martinis – just add ice and alcohol."

French Paper Company French Connect Packaging:
"Bulk paper, ream wraps, and carton boxes are at the core of the paper business, and sometimes they are all that French Paper customers see of their identity. These bold wrap designs, in black and kraft, are powerful visual reminders of America's most unusual paper mill."

French Paper Company Annual Report Survival Kit:
"This kit was mailed by French Paper Company to a very select list of design studios around the country who specialize in the production of annual reports. We created a custom-made set-up box, which included swatch books, paper samples, and technique pieces from French Paper, and several novelty supplies such as "Party-in-a-Pouch," a hermetically-sealed 3 oz. ready-to-drink martini; uniquely packaged coffee beans; and a prophylactic "Mouse Finger" to prevent the transmission of computer viruses."
Rachel Wiles