Pure, Dairy Free


Family and Friends have completed a major refresh for Pure, the premium dairy free alternative to butter.

"Pure contains no hydrogenated oils, artificial additives, GM ingredients or gluten and it has 70% less fat than butter. But awareness of Pure as an everyday and tasty alternative to butter was found to be very low outside of the dairy intolerant market, so brand owners Kerry Foods commissioned Family and Friends to develop new branding."


"Pure wanted to remind the broader health conscious consumer base that dairy free leaves you feeling lighter and brighter and is not just for people with allergies or dietary problems. The brand is now more clearly called Pure Dairy Free, with an impactful, contemporary logo highlighting this product difference and creating a more specific recall.

The new packaging has a cleaner, the white negative space better reflects Pure’s qualities; a tasty spread that is also highly versatile for baking and cooking or adding a touch of extra flavour to dishes."

Designed by Family and Friends