Ask Turner Duckworth

Design conferences are typically filled with people talking about what they want to talk about. There may be a brief opportunity for questions at the end, but the agenda is firmly in the hands of the speaker. We'd like to try turning that around and giving YOU control.

David Turner and Bruce Duckworth of Turner Duckworth have volunteered to create a presentation at the first annual The Dieline Package Design Conference, based ENTIRELY on your questions. You ask, they'll answer. The only condition is, they get to choose which questions get answered. They may answer fifty or they may answer one. The more provocative the question, the more likely it is to get answered.

As an added bonus, all authors of selected questions will receive a personalized t-shirt designed by Turner Duckworth. 

What do you want to know from Turner Duckworth? If you could ask them anything, what would it be?