Kozari - The Goat Keepers



"It takes more than a courage to embark on a business as difficult as speciality goat cheeses. Beocapra company had the idea of putting up a goat farm and to sell the milk to the producers of yoghurts, cheeses and other milk products. The market conditions and the economy situation dictated the other way. They decided to go with production of packaged goods as well building up dairy plant and needed all communication for the start-up brand - from name to brand management."


"We came to knowledge that Serbia was the worlds biggest producer of goat milk product by 1960's until some crazy state regulation banned the goats as they were perceived as pests. Our client had the plan to export this sophisticated product and we came up name Kozari. It has international appeal and in Serbian it says exactly what it is - The Goat Keepers. Mixing the raw and polished we came up with stylish and innovative packaging and communication materials."

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