Golden Moscow Vodka



Golden Moscow» — one of the first novelties in vodka distillery "LIVIZ" range.

"The design of "Golden Moscow" bottle and label embody modern night life of Moscow. Refractions of lateral faces reflect modern architecture of Moscow building which is Moscow-city for today . The label, and also the creative concept of vodka (Modern Moscow Vodka) unite in itself an image of stylish life, night clubs and fashionable parties of Moscow."


"Slogan: Moscow never sleeps

All updated products in the GK "LIVIZ" range have developed by Sergey Lelikov and his Lelikov&Partners Brand Bureau agency in Moscow. Each product was developing in the complex, including creation of the new individual form of glass for all SKU, stoppers, design of labels, bringing all products to flow-production, working out of slogans and individual images, all advertizing and POS-materials  for production advancement in the consumer market."