21 Drops

"21 Drops is a modern line of therapeutic grade essential oils created to counteract the effects of our thoroughly busy lives. From concept to completion, Purpose-Built set out to dress up the somewhat crunchy aromatherapy market with a truly original look, with all efforts to create packaging and printed materials using responsible resources to match the company?s ethical beliefs. From the Sustainable Forestry Initiative approved kraft paper, to aqueous varnishes, to recyclable silicone, glass and metal, every choice was intentional.  But virtue aside, there’s no shortage of subtle design techniques here.  Corporate identity started with a rich green logo as a nod to nature, yet bold as black.  Everything about the product packaging is a tactile and memorable sensory experience.  Up against the challenge of shopper de-selection, Purpose-Built created 21 folding cartons with individual personality that hang together as a cohesive collection: font-driven numerical graphics, product specific color palettes and custom embossed patterns.  Looking to fine fragrance influences, glass roller ball vessels were enhanced with silicone sleeves that suggest wax-dipped containers of the past. "

Designed by Purpose Built